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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Sayuri Kurata Sayuri

A senior from Kanon. Sayuri is Mai's best and only friend. She comes from a very powerful family (her father is a congressman). She had a mute younger brother and because of her family's conservative style, she acted like a strict older sister, much like Miyabi from Ai Yori Aoshi.

But she never talks about her brother to others because...

Author's Note: Sayuri doesn't actually use magic in either the game or the anime of Kanon.

What She Likes: Cooking, Friends

Stage - School Courtyard (Day)

General Tips - Just... don't press the wrong button...

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Magic☆Star 236 + A(a) SHOCK! Can IC.
Magic☆Sword 236 + A (Striker) L: Blow. / Rush: Wall slam. Can IC.
Magic☆Press 41623 + A Grab move. Can IC with first hit. Rush: Wall slam.
Magic☆Smash 412 + A(A) SHOCK! Rush: Double, Can IC.
Magic☆Trick 214 + A Counter move. After successfully performing this move, you'll have a chance to do the following move:
-->Magic☆Cutter A (while blocking) If your foe is performing a move after your successful execution of Magic☆Trick (a flash is the indicator), then you can perform this move.
Special Moves    
Magic☆Pressure 2141236 + A Can IC with first hit.
Magic☆Pistols 236236 + A Can't IC. Stun. Invalid.
Magic☆Thunder 6321463214 + A Grab move. SHOCK! Stun.
Exceed Move    
Magic☆Onstage 2,L,2,M Unblockable. Ground slam.

Win Quotes Translation
1. 佐祐理の射程と攻撃範囲には
2. すみません
3. あははー
4. ふぇー
5. テイルトウェイト辺りを使えば簡単に勝負がつくんですが…
6. (To Mai) 舞にばかり良い所とられるのも寂しいんですよ
7. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) その力
8. (To Sayuri) あははー

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