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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Mai Kawasumi Mai

A senior from Kanon. In school, she is very anti-social and often regarded as a delinquent because she always carries a sword. At night, she is a "monster hunter", sweeping monsters in school.

Yuuichi meets Mai when he goes back to the school to get Nayuki's notebook and he soon realizes the presence of the monsters. Yuuichi decides to help Mai, but only ends up getting in the way.

He doesn't realize that the real monster is...

What She Likes: Traditional Japanese Food

Stage - School Courtyard (Night)

General Tips - Mai's attacks are fast, but won't cause very high damange. You'd better master her striker skills.

Special Bar - Mai can summon Shadow Mai after pressing S or performing some summon moves (except "Code: Screwdriver"). A Time Bar will appear indicating when Shadow Mai will disappear. Shadow Mai will also disappear after performing Striker Moves or if Mai is hit. At this point, a Charge Bar will appear below your HP Bar. You can't do any Striker Moves while charging.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Body Slam "Code: Greed" 4 + H Can IC. Blow.
Sword Slash "Code: Samurai" 6 + A Can IC.
Sword Slash "Code: Pink Puff" 623 + A(A) or 6239 + A Can IC. Rush: Blow
Teleport "Code: Demon" 412 + L,L(M,M or H,H) Can IC.
Shadow Summon "Code: Screwdriver" 214 + A(Striker)  
Shadow Summon "Code: Big Nose" 236 + A (Striker) Rush: Invalid
Shadow Summon "Code: Firen" 623 + A (Striker) Ground slam.
Shadow Assault "Code: Screwdriver" 22 + S (Striker)  
Shadow Assault "Code: Big Nose" 236 + S (Striker)  
Shadow Assault "Code: Manic" 214 + S (Striker)  
Shadow Assault "Code: Dragon" 412 + S (Striker) SHOCK!
Special Moves    
Sword Slash "Code: Catcher" 236236 + A Can IC. Stun. Invalid.
Shadow Assault "Code: Demon God" 214214 + A (Striker)  
Exceed Move    
Power Engage "Code: Monster" 236236 + S (Striker) Awaken. Can do extra moves.
***Sword Slash "Code: Orochi" 236236 + S Can IC. Grab move.

Win Quotes Translation
1. 遅い
1. Too slow
An attack that doesn't hit has no meaning...
2. 単純…
2. Too easy...
That wasn't really a win...
3. ラスボスと主人公のタッグに勝てると思った?
3. Last Boss
4. (To Ayu) 逃げないでどんな力も授かったことに意味は有る…  
5. (To Sayuri) 佐祐理…
5. Sayuri...
Since it's dangerous beyond this point, I can't let you get involved
Because I take care of everything
6. (To Rumi) 凄い破壊力…
6. Such awesome destructive power...
7. (To Mai) まだいくつか半身が残ってるみたいだね

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