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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Nayuki Minase Nayuki

A classmate from Kanon, Nayuki is also Yuuichi's cousin. Yuuichi stays at her house after arriving in town.

To Yuuichi, Nayuki is a part of his everyday life: waking her up, going to school, among other things. From this, they become closer and closer... like a couple.

Yuuichi soon realizes the circumstances, and notices that Nayuki likes him; however, he remembers doing something bad to her...

...and then another tragedy occurs...

What She Likes: Sleeping, Running, Strawberrys, Her Mother, Frog Dolls, Cats (but she's allergic to them)

Stage - Front of the Minase House (Day)

General Tips - Her chain moves are quite powerful. If you think you're skilled enough, then go for it...

Special Bar - There is a Jelly Count right above your Level Bar. The higher your Jelly Count is, the more powerful your moves will become (Max Count: 9). Getting beat down will reduce the Jelly Count by 1.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
"...mmmm" S Jelly Count + 1
"...mmmm...gulp" 2 + S Fake move
"Here..." 236 + A Can IC. L: Front kick / M: High kick / Rush: More hits
"Here...gulp" 236 + S Fake move
"...I'm awake" 6 + M Can IC.
"...zzzz" 214 + A Can do these follow-ups:
-->"(snore)...?" A Can IC. Blow
-->"There..." B Much like "Here..."
-->"...!(pop)" C Can IC.
-->"...ouch" 2 + C Can IC.
-->"...mmmm" S Jelly Count + 1
-->"...mmmm...gulp" 2 + S Fake move
-->"...roll" 2 + S or 4 + S Can IC. 4 JC: Can do attack follow-up / 5~6 JC: Can do all-move follow-ups except "...zzzz" / 7 + JC: Can do all-move follow-ups
"One more second..." 41236 + A Costs 1 Jelly Count. Can IC.
-->"...zzzz" 214 + A Can do follow-ups mentioned before...
"...ora" 623 + A Costs 2 Jelly Counts
Special Moves    
TriNayukiToluene 236236 + A FIRE!!
Sleepship Nayuki 214214 + A Stun.
Exceed Move    
Nayuki Toss C + 236236 FIRE!!

Win Quotes Translation
1. くー 1. Ku-
2. うにゅ? 2. Unyu?
3. うにょ? 3. Unyo?
4. 痛い… 4. Owiee...
5. 地震
5. Earthquake
6. イチゴジャム
6. Strawberry jam
is delicious...
7. だおー 7. Dao-
8. にゅ? 8. Nyu?
9. うにゅ?
9. Unyu?
10. (To Ayu) くー
10. (To Ayu) Ku-

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