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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Ayu Tsukimiya Ayu

A mysterious girl from Kanon. Yuuichi meets her in various events and becomes her best friend. She keeps searching for a "very important thing" everytime Yuuichi sees her.

However, the Ayu he knows is just a shadow... the real Ayu is lying in a hospital due to an accident seven years ago...

By the way, her cooking skill is on the same level as Chizuru (from Kizuato).

What She Likes: Taiyaki, Climbing trees, The angel doll that Yuuichi gave her

Stage - Woods of Memories

General Tips - Her actions are easy to perform. Recommended for beginners.

Note - Pressing S in the air will make Ayu float a short time.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Ayu Kick 6 + M Can IC.
Ayu Upper 6 + H Blow. Can IC.
Uguu Pound 2 + H(A) Can IC.
Ayu Runaway 236 + A Can IC. Rush: Wall slam.
Ayu Arrow 623 + A(a) SHOCK! Can IC. Rush: Second shot
Ayu Taiyaki 214 + A(a) Can't IC. Rush: Stun, Unblockable in air
Special Moves    
Ayu Rising Wings 236236 + A Can IC.
Ayu Rapid Slash 214214 + A(a) Can't IC.
Ayu Reverse Punch 641236 + A Can IC. Unblockable in air.
Exceed Move    
Ayu's White Miracle L,L,4,M,H SHOCK! Stun. Invalid.

Win Quotes Translation
1. 最期に… 最期に会いたい人がいるんだよ…
1. In the end... in the end I'd like the person I want to meet to be there...
that's why, until then...
2. こんな力… いらないよっ!
ボクは…ボクはただ ここに居られれば それでいいのに…っ!
2. This power... I don't want it!
I just... I just want to be able to stay here, that's all...!
3. う、うぐぅ… 3. U, uguu...
4. ごめんね…
時間が無いから もう行かないと…
4. I'm so sorry... but my time is up and I have to go...
5. 頑張って! 君達なら 無くしてた時間
きっと 取り戻せるから
5. Do your best! Even when we lose something, we can get it back if we try
6. (To Akane) うぐッ!?
ボクには 甘すぎると思う…
6. (To Akane) Uguu!?
About the match...
I think you were too easy on me.
7. (To Nayuki) 名雪さん…
もしかして ずっと寝てる? (汗)
7. (To Nayuki) Nayuki-san...
could it be that you're always sleeping? (Sweatdrop)
8. (To Makoto) この感じ… もしかして君も…
…ううん なんでもないよっ
8. (To Makoto) This feeling... perhaps you're also...
...no, forget about it
eh he he...
9. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) まだ… まだ時間はあるよ
9. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) I still... I still have time!
So... please
let me stay like this now...
10. (To Ayu) すごいそっくりだねっ
10. (To Ayu) It's amazing! You're my spitting image.
Next time let's go eat some taiyaki together.

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