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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Makoto Sawatari Makoto

Another mysterous girl from Kanon. She lost her memory except for her hatred torward Yuuichi; this explains why she always tries to trick with Yuuichi. She has nowhere to go, so the Minase family lets her stay in their house until she regains her memories.

After several events, Yuuichi remembers that they had met before and a devastating truth about Makoto that will lead to a tragic end...

Author's Note: Makoto doesn't have a pistol or a heavy machine gun in either the game or the anime of Kanon.

What She Likes: Manga, Tricks, Buns, Animals

Stage - Shopping Street

General Tips - Her moves are not easy to control, but if you can use them well, you can stop most of your foe's moves.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
"Gotcha!" 236 + A Can IC. L: Short range / M: Long range / Rush: Lots of them
"It Smells..." 412 + A Can't IC. L: Will move forward / M: Static / Rush: Will move longer
"Ahahaha!" 623 + A Can IC. Rush: Double, Wall slam
"Eat This!" 214 + A L: Back / M: Forward / Rush: Faster
Special Moves    
"Buster Time!" 641236 + A Can IC. Stun
"Don't You Know Me?" 236236 + A Stun
"I'll Make You Pay!" 214214 + A(a)  
Exceed Move    
"...Burp" 263 + H Will recover 25% HP. Fail: Bun is hit

Win Quotes Translation
1. 蜂の巣ねー
2. なによぅ
3. あうーっ!
4. 記憶だろうが命だろうが
5. あうーっ!
6. (To Makoto) どっちが偽者か
7. (To Mio) な、なによ!
8. (To Ayu) 鼻には自信有るんだけど

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