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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Mio Koitzuki Mio

A mute student from One. Since she can't speak, she has to write down all the things she wants to talk about (that's why she always carries a scribble book).

Both Kouhei and Mio are members of Drama Club. When Kouhei is about to vanish, he tries to make Mio at least "remember" him.

Maybe she does...

What She Likes: Playing dramas, Sushi

Stage - Gymnasium

General Tips - Figure out how to switch well...

Special Bar - Mio has "Short Range" and "Long Range" Attacks. When you press S while idle, you can switch your attack modes.

Short Range Mode    
Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Kusanagi Kyo 6 + H AutoGuard
Shinnokai Kagami 2 + H(A) FIRE!!
Dandy-J 236 + A (x2) Rush: Wall slam
Ichijou Akari 623 + A Can IC. Rush: Stun
Bulleta 214 + A Rush: Can IC
Special Moves    
Kururu 236236 + A Stun. Can IC in first hit.
Kaede 214214 + A Stun. Can IC. Lv.3: Halt
Exceed Move    
Asamiya Athena 641236 + H Can do follow-up:
--> LMHLMHS After successfully doing this, you can do these follow-ups:
-->-->Di Gi Charat 236 + H  
-->-->Kusanagi Kyo 623 + H Wall slam
Long Range Mode    
Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
柊 小雨 236 + A Can IC. Halt. Rush: Back Strike
ECOCO 412 + A(a) FIRE!! Float
Kinomoto Sakura 214 + A SHOCK! Can IC.
Special Moves    
ECOCO 236236 + A(a) Freeze. Float.
Ciel 214214 + A  
Exceed Move    
Mio and Her Happy Friends M,L,2,L,M Grab Move. Akane and Mayu will show up. Guess who's disguised as Rumi?

Win Quotes Translation
1. スケッチブックの使い方
2. 本気で叩かれたの…
3. あのね
4. 衣装汚れたの…
5. い、痛いの…  
6. (To Akane) 長い髪の毛似合うようになりたいの  
7. (To Misaki) 先輩…
8. (To Ayu) 本物の翼とってもきれいなの  
9. (To Mio) まねだけじゃだめなの  

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