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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Misaki Kawana Misaki

A blind girl from One. Even though she is blind, she is still able to easily walk around her house. When Kouhei meets her, he tries to bring her to a place she had never been before...

What She Likes: Sunsets, Eating, Playing around

Stage - Sunset Rooftop

General Tips - Although Misaki is slow and her Super Moves are not that powerful, her unblockable moves still make her a dangerous character.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Whirlwind Slam 236 + A AutoGuard. Rush: Longer range
Soar 623 + A Jump, grab, and throw. Rush: Just grab
Banzai Jump 214 + A Unblockable. Rush: Double, Stun, Invalid
Reverse Impact 22 + S Counter Move. Can IC. Stun.
Special Moves    
Hyper Eater 236236 + A Stun. Invalid.
Gigantic Pressure 236236 + A(A) Stun. Invalid.
Heaven to Hell 6321463214 + A Unblockable. Lv3: Stun, Can IC
Exceed Move    
Final Impact 222 + S Counter move. Can IC. Stun.

Win Quotes Translation
1. 良い風だね…
2. この風がずっと吹いて辿り着く場所それって一体どこだと思う?
3. う〜…
4. 勝利の後のカツカレー格別の逸品だよ
5. 目が見え無いって事ハンデだと思った?
6. 何だか良く分からないけど
7. 悲しい風…
8. (To Mio) この手ごたえは… もしかして澪ちゃん?
9. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) 世界が怯えてる…

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