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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Mayu Shiina Mayu

A student from One. Compared to other students, Mayu seems a bit... retarded. "How did she get into high school?" Kouhei wonders.

Without thinking about it, Kouhei decides to "look after" Mayu, or at least keep her from doing foolish things...

It seems like Mayu does everything from instinct. When Kouhei knows he is going to vanish, he just has no time...

What She Likes: Animals, Animals, Animals... Hamburgers

Stage - In the School

General Tips - Mayu is very fast. Try to annoy your foe... and yourself...

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Rololol~ 236 + A,L Can IC.
Rabi Sdom~ 236 + A(A)  
Sholil Erd 236 + L(after landing) Strict timing. Can IC.
Ly Ferii~ 623 + A Can IC.
Myu~ 41236 + A Grab move. Rush: Wall slam.
Flaiya~ 41236 + S Grab move. Halt.
Aim Fine~ 214 + A/S(a) Can IC. L: Jump Back / M: Jump Back and Kick / H: Jump Forward / S: Jump Back, Dart and Grab
L and H can do attack follow ups.
Special Moves    
Mayu Rona Yup 2141236 + A Can IC.
Myuuuuuuuu~~ 641236 + A Grab move.
Myu~Myu~Hurray Yup 214214 + A Can IC.
Exceed Move    
Rite Over Thare! 23693 + H Grab move.

Win Quotes Translation
1. ‚Ý‚ã? 1. Myu?
2. ‚Ý‚ã[‚Á! 2. Myuu-!
3. ‚Í‚¥[c 3. Hae-...
4. ‚Ý‚ã
4. Myu
5. ‚Ý‚ã`ô
5. Myu~ô
If I win, teriyaki, teriyakiô
6. ‚±‚ê‚à‚Ý‚ã[‚Á
6. This is also Myu-
(gui gui)
7. (To Mizuka) ‚Ý‚¸‚©[‚Á!
7. Mizuka-!
8. (To Akane) ‚Ý‚ãcc
8. Myu......
Wait, that's not right...
9. (To Rumi) ‚È‚È‚¹[‚Á!
9. Nanase-!
(gui gui)
10. (To Mayu) ‚í[‚¢‚Á!
10. Waai!
You're like me
You're like me
You're like meee!

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