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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Mizuka Nagamori Mizuka

A student from One, she's Kouhei's neighbor and childhood friend. Unlike Nayuki, Mizuka and Kouhei keep their "just friends" relationship. Kouhei sees her as his dead sister.

Mizuka doesn't know that Kouhei is going to vanish. On the day Kouhei vanishes, Mizuka carries a pillow to "wake" him up without realizing Kouhei won't be in his room anymore...

What She Likes: Milk, Playing music (good at violin and cello)

Stage - The Path to School (Day)

General Tips - Well, if you keep playing as Mizuka, maybe you'll be another Yo-Yo Ma... just kidding.

Note - Some of Mizuka's moves will make musical notes appear. When you perform Echo moves near those musical notes, they will "explode" and inflict damage.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Swing 'n Beat 6 + M Can IC.
Swing 'n Boomerang 236 + A Echo. Rush: Can IC, Makes a musical note
-->Conduct 'n Patch 236 + A Echo.
Swing 'n Bash 623 + A(a) Can IC. Rush: Unblockable, Wall slam
Tune 'n Play 214 + A(a) or 236 + A(A) Uses your Level bar to make a musical note.
Swing 'n Dash 41236 + A Makes a musical note. Rush: Double, Can IC
Special Moves    
Muffle 'n Seal 236236 + A Grab move
Tune 'n Play Plus 214214 + A Lv.1 move. L: Makes a musical note that will automatically split. / M: Makes a musical note and Echo ALMOST ALL the musical notes on screen. / H: Makes lots of musical notes.
Conduct 'n Waving 641236 + A Echo.
Exceed Move    
Forever 'n Ever 6,M,L,6,L Echo when charging. Dummy.

Win Quotes Translation
1. 私だって
2. 少しだらしが無いかなぁ…
3. 道端で寝ちゃうのは
4. こういう事は苦手だから…
5. これでも
6. (To Rumi) な、七瀬さん〜
7. (To Mio) 繭ちゃん
8. (To "Unknown" Mirror Mizuka) 悲しい物いっぱい背負っているんだね…
9. (To Nayuki) 猫が可愛いのは分かるんだけど…
10. (To Mizuka) 二人がかりなら

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