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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Mishio Amano Mishio

A junior from Kanon. She always acts strange and scares away her classmates. Yuuichi does this too, but when he discovers that Mishio knows almost everything about Makoto, he becomes suspicious.

"Who is she, and how does she know about Makoto?" When Makoto's condition takes a turn for the worse, Yuuichi decides to find out.

Yuuichi has no idea about the despair that he will discover...

What She Likes: Pets

Stage - Hill of Survey

General Tips - Some of Mishio's moves are pretty slow, so don't miss...

Special Bar - After successfully performing Rive Hack you can perform Fire (short range, fast) Mode moves or Thunder (long range, slow) Mode moves. There will be an indicator that shows the current mode.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Rive Hack 623 + A Can IC. Rush: Double.
Dart Blitz 236 + A Can IC. Rush: Stun.
Burn Blitz 214 + A(a) Can IC. FIRE!!
Pressing "CtrlPad + A" changes the direction.
Wave Strike 412 + A SHOCK!
Lightning Strike 22 + L/M Can IC. SHOCK!
L: Away / M: Near
Special Moves    
Dart Ripper 236236 + A Advanced version of Dart Blitz.
Burn Ripper 214214 + A Advanced version of Burn Blitz.
Wave Burst 641236 + A Advanced version of Wave Strike.
Lightning Burst 236236 + A(A) Advanced version of Lightning Strike.
Exceed Move    
Aeon Summoning M,M,2,H,L Awaken. Can do every move except Dart Blitz.

Win Quotes Translation
1. ……… 1. .........
2. 一閃一殺
2. An instant kill
Oh well, I didn't think it'd go so well, given how the world is...
3. 下策と言うにも程があるでしょう 3. If you call it a poor plan, that's what it'll be, right?
4. 猪突猛進という言葉がありますね
5. 相手を甘く見過ぎです 5. I don't need to take an opponent like you seriously.
6. それでは失礼します
6. I'm very sorry for being rude
The truth is that I have other important things to do
7. 一手でも誤れば不利な勝負でしたが
8. (To Makoto) これが運命だというのであれば
9. (To Mishio) 贋作と呼ぶにも値しませんね 9. (To Mishio) You don't even deserve to be called a "counterfeit"

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