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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Ikumi Amasawa Ikumi

The avenger from Moon. She has a "Hidden Power" that pulls her along the road of "truth"

But she doesn't know a demon is living within her mind...

What She Likes: Her mother

Stage - Lab of FARGO

General Tips - Having a hard time being beat on by the damned priest in KOF '96? Now you can be him! Uh... I meant to say "her"...

Special Bar - There's a BLOOD bar under Ikumi's life bar. When Ikumi reaches MAX BLOOD she will go into "Genocide" automatically in 6 seconds. All her normal moves will become Rush.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
"Get Lost!" 236 + A Can IC.
"A Good Wind Blows" 214 + A Can't IC.
"Go to Hell!" 623 + A Ground slam. Can IC.
"Pray to Your God" 41236 + H Grab move. Stun. Very messy.
Special Moves    
"The Power... uwaaaa!!" 2141236 + A (X2) Stun.
"How About the..." 214214 + A Eternity Special. Lv.1 - "Get Lost!" / Lv.2 - M-M-Dash H / Lv.3 "A Good Wind Blows"
"Time to Say Goodbye" 4123641236 + A Grab move. Very messy.
Exceed Move    
"Thank You for Joining Us" 236236236 + H All of the Moon heroine team members will show up. In order: Haruka, Yui, Youko, Kid.

Win Quotes Translation
1. あら、あなたけっこう美味しそうね…
1. Oh my, you seem quite tasty...
It sounds like I'm joking, but I'm really not...
2. クッ!
血を見ると… 昂ぶりを抑えきれない…
2. Oh yeah!
Seeing that blood... I can't help but be excited...
3. へちょい攻撃ね…
3. Your attacks are terrible...
I could feel them coming even if my eyes were closed
4. 泣けッ!叫べッ!そして死ねェッ!
4. Weep! Scream! Then Die!
......... is what is usually said
Bah... (Mimicking Yagami Iori from King of Fighters.)
5. さっさと 何処かへ行きなさい
5. You should go somewhere right away
Tearing people apart isn't something I like to do
6. 終わりにしない?
6. Don't want it to end?
If I do more than this, you'll become a pomegranate
7. ハイ終了
7. Okay, it's over

...hu, hu, I'm joking
There's no way I'm that skilled
8. (To Ikumi) 生憎と自分を相手にするのは慣れてるの
9. (To Shiori) まぁ
10. (To Kaori) とっても強いんですね
ちょっと… 憧れちゃいました
10. (To Kaori) You're really powerful, aren't you...
I... admire that

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