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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Kaori Misaka Kaori

A classmate from Kanon. Nayuki's close friend. It is said that she has a sister named Shiori, but she totally denies it. Yuuichi suspects that there may be something behind it and he tries to find the real reason.

Until he finally finds out...

What She Likes: Her younger sister

Stage - Town Park (Night)

General Tips - Duck and Dash Puncher is not easy to perform, but it will be useful if you master them. She is also very fast.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Dash Puncher 66 + A Can IC.
Duck Puncher 4466 + A Can IC.
Puncher Twist 623 + A Can IC. Rush: Stun
Puncher Cross 214 + A Rush: Speed Up, Can IC
Special Moves    
K Puncher 236236 + A Can IC. Stun.
Chain Puncher 214214 + A Can IC. Lv.3: Wall Slam
Double Puncher 641236 + A Can't IC. Unblockable in second shot.
Exceed Move    
Naru Puncher 666 + S Counter Move.

Win Quotes Translation
1. もう良いでしょ
1. I suppose that was okay
But there isn't any meaning to bullying weaker things
2. 悪くは無いわね
3. ボディがお留守よ 3. You should take care of your body.
4. チェックメイト
4. "Checkmate"
...is the approriate word
5. 遅いわね…
6. (To Kaori) まぁ
7. (To Shiori) 栞…
家で大人しく してなさい

Introduction | Config | Menus | Legend | Fighting Screen | Other | Characters | Blah | Credits

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