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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Shiori Misaka Shiori

A junior from Kanon. Each time Yuuichi sees her, she's just standing at school's courtyard for a long, long time.

"Maybe she's waiting for someone...," Yuuichi thinks. Curious, Yuuichi asks her, and Shiori tells him that she is "waiting for someone..." and she hasn't been to school due to her catarrh.

Yuuichi soon finds out that Shiori isn't suffering from a simple "cold"...

What She Likes: Ice Cream, Snowball Fights, The shawl that Kaori gave her

Stage - Town Park (Day)

General Tips - She has some very powerful moves. If you can use them well, then you'll be invincible.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Ways to win in snowball fights. S Won't be hit by flying objects for 6 seconds.
Ways to get rid of perverts. 236 + A(a) Freeze. Can IC. Rush: Stun.
Ways to avoid misfortunes. 412 + A Ground slam. Can IC. L: Near / M: Medium / H: Away
Ways to cut stiff things. 412 + A(A) Can IC immediately after execution.
Ways to overdrive people. 623 + A Can IC. Rush: Freeze
Ways to make snowmen. 214 + A(a) L: 3 punches / M: Freeze / Rush: Mixture / Fail: Snowmen are hit
Special Moves    
Ways to shoot down a goose. 214214 + A Freeze. Can't IC. Stun.
Ways to act justice. 641236 + A Freeze. Can IC.
Ways to blow down enemies. 2141236 + A(a) Invalid. Float.
Exceed Move    
Ways to conquer the world 236236 + M,H  

Win Quotes Translation
1. 大発見です!!
1. A great discovery!!
A banana that can drive a nail!!
Please look!!
2. 今日もアイスが美味しいです 2. The ice cream is delicious today too
3. 手荒い歓迎で
3. You surprised me a bit
with such a rough welcome
4. ごほっ! ごほっ!!
4. Cough! Cough!!
...ah, please don't worry about me
It's just... a little bit of a cold
5. モデルは動かないで下さいっ!
5. Please, the model shouldn't move!
Yes, yes
It would help a lot if you stay still for me
6. (To Shiori) 生き別れの双子が感動の再会
7. (To Kaori) え、えうー…
8. (To Ayu) たい焼きもアイスも美味しいです
8. (To Ayu) Taiyaki and ice cream are both delicious
Would you like to take some time to get some taiyaki and ice cream now?
9. (To Rumi) もう少し…
9. (To Rumi) That person...
needs to calm down...
a little bit more...
10. (To Mio) とっても強いんですね
10. (To Mio) You're really strong, aren't you.
I... kind of admire that.

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