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Eternal Fighter Zero - Character Information

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Misuzu Kamio Misuzu

A resident from Air. She has a strange "curse" cast on her that makes her cry when she tries to make any friends. When Yukito arrives at her town, Misuzu makes him her "first friend" and lets him stay at her house.

Yukito believes that Misuzu might be a descendant of the girl with "Wings"...

What She Likes: Scribbling, Dinosaurs, Crows, Her special mixed juice

Stage - Front of the Kamio house

General Tips - Comboing may be hard, but the "Mines" are really useful.

Normal Moves   Effects / Notes
Scribble Book 236 + A Land mine. Rush: Stun
Thick Juice Splashing 214 + A Air mine. Rush: Stop
Misuzu's Curse 421 + A Curse. Can't IC. Rush: Double
Wing Slash 623 + A(a) Can IC. Rush: Wall Slam
Sora Dash 41236 + A (Striker) Can IC. Rush: FIRE!!
Special Moves    
Dino Fire! 236236 + A FIRE!! Lv1: Down / Lv2: Up / Lv3: Blast
One-Thousand-Year Curse! 214214 + A(a) Counter move. Curse.
Yukito Standby 641236 + A You'll see feathers above your Level bar.
-->"This is disgusting!" 41236 + L A Striker move from Yukito's standby mode.
-->Potato Kick 41236 + M A Striker move from Yukito's standby mode.
-->Shoryuken 41236 + H A Striker move from Yukito's standby mode.
Exceed Move    
My Last Words... L,L,2,M,H Unblockable. If you KO your foe by using this move, an additional quote will appear: "最後にはどうか" "幸せな記憶を ..."

Win Quotes Translation
1. にはは
1. Nihaha
Misuzu-chan wins!
2. もう一人の私が呼んでいるの
3. このジュース飲む?ん、いらない?
3. You don't want this juice?
Ga, gao... it's tasty though...
4. 時が来たんだよ
4. The time has come
Everyone gave me 1000 years of hope
It's okay
Let me finish this on my own
5. ゴールはもっと先だから私は前に進むの 5. Since the goal is a bit further, I'll keep moving forward
6. が、がお・・・
6. Ga, gao...
I wonder why you'd say something like that...
7. (To Ayu, Mizuka, Misuzu) 大丈夫
7. It's okay
I'll never forget you
because I'll take everything away completely
8. (To Rumi) が、がお・・・
にはは (汗)
8. Ga, gao...
I thought it was said like this on television
Th, there isn't any deep meaning
Nihaha (sweatdrop)
9. (To Mai) あなたなら大丈夫
9. If it's you, it's okay
because you're not alone

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